Dr Ian Fulton

Ian is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and specialist equine surgeon based at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice where he has been a partner for 23 years. Graduating from Melbourne University in 1983, Ian began practice in Kyabram, Victoria and then spent 2 years in equine practice in Adelaide. Ian completed a residency in Equine Surgery and Master of Science at Michigan State University in 1990 where with surgeon John Stick, developed the nerve muscle pedicle graft for laryngeal reinnervation in horses.

In 2011 Ian co-authored with Brian Anderson the chapter on “The Larynx” in Auer and Stick’s Text ”Equine Surgery”. Apart from laryngeal surgery, Ian spends a lot of his clinical time with advanced imaging for complex lameness cases. The practice has a scintigraphy unit and standing MRI unit to assist with cases when radiographs and ultrasound are not helping him.