Dr Ian Carmichael

Dr Ian Carmichael graduated in Veterinary Science from Melbourne University in 1967 and was awarded a DVSc from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1990. He worked in Africa and Asia for two decades as a specialist research scientist in government and corporate educational, research and developmental programs, including 6 years as a leader in Commonwealth programs. He has been the SA Government Veterinary Parasitologist since 1991 and a Principal Research Scientist with the SA Research and Development Institute for 16 years. His main interests and research experience have been in the epidemiology and integrated control of parasitism in cattle and sheep including field and laboratory investigations, commercial research, consultancies to national and international bodies and post graduate education. In recent years he has overseen field research on parasitism in prime lambs and the cost of host immune response to internal parasites in meat lambs differing genetically in resistance and resilience to infection