Dr Cathie Harvey

Cathie graduated from Murdoch University in 1983. She worked in small animal practice and soon moved to Narrung to manage a dairy on her husband’s farm. Here was the beginning of 30 years working, managing and maintaining the health of a 300 head dairy farm. This experience gained her invaluable opportunity to observe the process of herd health problems and the progress and response to varied management and treatments of dairy and beef cattle.( Dr Harvey served various state cattle committees.
In 2006 she won a Nuffield scholarship to study biological and organic farming methods around the world. Her farm began organic/biodynamic accreditation in 2007 after finding the shortfalls of conventional farming.
Dr Harvey studied veterinary homeopathy with the HPTG, UK, attaining VetMFHom in 2015. She consults to organic farms and small animal clients who want natural treatment modalities for their animals. Dr Cathie Harvey is an executive committee member of the IVA special interest group.