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Vets Beyond Borders
AVERT (Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team)
is a national database of volunteer veterinarians and veterinary
nurses who are available for deployment to assist in animal care,
treatment and management during natural disasters or
emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreaks in Australia.
VetMatch connects skilled volunteer vets and vet nurses with
partner organisations overseas. Most projects have little or no
access to veterinarians to treat and care for animals in their
VetTrain – This program hosts 'training hubs' in
selected overseas venues to train local vets. A pool of volunteer
vet trainers with specialised post-graduate qualifications
deliver short-course intensive training.
Community Awareness Program promotes the close association
between animals and humans and the need to be kind to animals.
Community-based education about behaviour around animals
and minimising the risk of rabies infection in rabies endemic areas.