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ProtectLife International Biomedical Inc. assemblage of experienced professional experts in developing in-vitro diagnostic technologies, masters the core technologies of spectrum based optical system design, unique micro-fluidic disc design and testing reagents etc. The company concentrates on prospects of aging population and related medical diagnostic needs to develop a variety of In-vitro diagnostic devices, testing reagents as well as veterinary-use clinical analyzers. ProtectLife has been certified to the ISO 13485: 2003 International standard for medical devices quality management system. AmiShield, a spectrum based optical system design with micro-fluidic disc, creates a new generation veterinary clinical analyzer. As multifunctional detective platform, AmiShield supports various biochemistry, electrolytes and immunoassay detective functions. It requires only 0.17 ml whole blood and up to 15 testing parameters can be determined simultaneously. For veterinarian and clinics daily supports, AmiShield is also beneficially for its small size, easy operation, and with future extendibility and cost effectiveness.